Tuesday, March 17, 2009

retro apron

This apron is part of a very late Christmas gift.  I appliqued the orange slice with fabric, double-sided iron-on backing, and machine stitching. 
Applique-ing was so much fun.  I might have to make some more projects with this.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

creative baby gifts

I am blessed with some very talented and generous friends who have made some darling gifts for June.

My sister-in-law Sarah knitted this winter hat for June (and another coordinating one too... a Chicago girl can't have too  many!).  Obviously June loves it!  I love it too.  Knitting is not (yet?) one of my talents, so it is wonderful to have a homemade knit hat.

My friend Mo made these onesies with fabric, double-sided iron-on backing, and simple machine stitching.  I can't wait for June to grow into these.  I think the writing over the elephant says "awesome" or something like that.

The fabulously talented Marjorie crocheted the gorgeous edging on this blanket.  It is such a beautiful touch on a simple blanket.

My dear friend Stephanie made this sweet set: bibs, burp cloths, and onesie.  I love the hand stitching around the monogram and heart!  And how baby-sophisticated to have a burp cloth that matches the outfit!

My mother-in-law made June's blessing gown.  You can see it here.

My lovely friend Kris Tina made a baby cozy for June.  That's right.  A baby cozy.  A cocoon of fuzziness.  Here is June snoozing away in her cozy cocoon.  Heavenly.

I love seeing the brilliant projects my friends do... and it is wonderful to be on the receiving end of their creativity! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

pants for daddy's girl

I have a thing for 1) a good challenge, 2) recycling, 3) creating something unique, 4) outfitting my daughters... and this project fulfilled all those things. 

I used the shirt sleeves to make pant legs.  I sewed the shirt pocket onto the back of the pants.  I am not very great at sewing waistbands, so I used the wasteband from a pair of Ruby's shorts (they used to be pants, but the knees wore out so I made them into shorts, then the bum got worn out.... this is recycling at its best, right?).  I cut the waistband off the shorts with about 2 inches of fabric below it.  I attached the waistband to the sleeve pants.  Not too difficult.

What do you think?  Ruby likes to wear this with her "Daddy's Sweetheart" shirt.