Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ikea shelf hack: American Girl Dollhouse

 Alli has an American Girl Doll.  Kit.
Ruby has a faux AG doll.  Kat. 
Alli has a bunch of Kit's stuff too.  She wasn't playing with it that much, and I was about to pack it up and put it in the basement, but then... inspiration!

We had an empty bookshelf that I was moving from the art room to the basement.  I took the shelves out and set the bookcase on its side to push it down the hall.  On its side, the bookcase made two little rooms that an AG doll could stand in.

The shelf was moved to the playroom, where the girls immediately set about to decorate it properly.  We set the loose shelves on the floor in front of the bookcase to make more floor space for the dolls. They colored pictures of windows and taped them in.  They found a jewelry box to be a dresser.  They expanded the house with other tables and blankets... hours of fun!