Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Painting

We have a big frame in our dining room... two feet by four feet.  I have made several seasonal paintings to go into the frame using inexpensive underlayment board from the home improvement store.  I bought two four-by-eight foot sheets (about $10 a sheet) and had them cut down into eight two-by- four foot sections.  I primed them and painted them.  So I have several paintings that fit the frame, and throughout the year, the painting gets switched.
Here is the summer painting.
And if you click here, you can see the Thanksgiving painting in the bottom photo.
Anyhow, last December I started a Christmas painting... and I didn't finish it in time... actually it wasn't really finished at all.  I made a good start.  This year I pulled out that painting and got to work on it.  I repainted most of it.  The composition stayed the same.  The subjects stayed the same (except the goat that was turned into a pony per a little girl's request). 
This morning the paint was dry, so I popped it into the frame and put it up.

And here is another angle...

I'm pretty happy with it.

shirt re-do

Hello friends!  It has been a while.  Here is a comfy t-shirt dress that I made for my daughter.  The t-shirt was an adult size small and after I was done, it was a kids size 5/6 dress.
Easy peasy.

I am making another one and taking tutorial photos as I go, so stay tuned!