Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I ain't LION

I got these beauties for a dollar or two.  I forget.

My husband thought I was nuts.

I waited and waited for the right weather for spray painting.

And here is the pair flanking our fireplace.
 Right now they are primer gray.  I may paint them turquoise or red.  Loving them for now though.

the GIANT canvas is done!

A few months back, my sister-in-law found a large (about 4x6') framed canvas that her neighbor was throwing out.  She knows I like trash... so she grabbed it for me.  The painting was hideous and very textural (lumpy).  I didn't take a before picture... you might have gagged.  I tried to scrape off the thick paint, but quickly realized it wasn't worth it! 

I took off the mauve frame and spray painted it a blackish-pewter color.  I stripped the old canvas from the stretcher.  Andy helped me stretch a fresh new piece of canvas onto the stretcher bars.  That was a workout.  (Seriously, I was sweating.)  Eventually, the canvas was stretched tight enough to play like a drum... or at least tight enough so it wouldn't sag while painting.
I primed the canvas with gesso.  I painted it with acrylic paint.  I used a stencil to make this chevron pattern.
To make the stencil, I folded a 12x12 paper in half and cut two diagonal lines... so when I opened the paper, there was a chevron. 
I drew light guidelines with a pencil (to keep everything straight), then traced my stencil over and over until the canvas was filled.
The painting is now on top of our entertainment center.

I can easily pull it down when I need a yellow chevron backdrop.

This is Ruby's stink face.  Don't upset her.