Monday, November 2, 2009

fancy girly gloves in ten minutes

Last spring I got a great deal on a two-pack of stretchy gloves from Target (25 cents!). One pair was pink with colorful hearts. The second pair was cream with pink stripes at the wrist.

This morning was chilly. So I pulled out the gloves for my girls. But when they saw that one pair had hearts and the other was plain, the bickering began. Of course they both wanted the fancier gloves.

They got plain brown gloves today. (I'm so mean.)

So while they were at school, I pulled out the fabric paint and painted fingernails on the fingers of the plain gloves. I used gold paint to make rings on the ring-fingers. I added pink jewels with the glue gun.

The painting and gluing took about ten minutes. Drying time was about an hour.



Now I am wondering if I have just caused another fight.