Sunday, August 17, 2008

project runway stroller

Far too often my girls are wearing out their toys (partly because most toys these days are made cheaply and partly because the girls are wildly active and "imaginative" with their toys). The latest toy to be worn out: the beloved doll stroller.
So the choices are: 1. throw out the old stroller, buy another one and wear it out too, 2. redo the fabric on this stroller... and make it stronger and more darling... and add a few bells and whistles.
The choice was obvious.
Alli helped me pick out the fabrics. At one point she held up two pieces of fabric and said "I don't know if these make sense together" (sometimes we watch a little Project Runway together). So we picked different fabric. We added a bead trim to the canopy.
On the back we added a pocket... and more bead trim.
So we ended up using a sparkly pink fabric, the brown canvas with polka-dots, and the mid-century-modern multi-colored design, and a teal paisley fabric. As Tim Gunn would say, "We made it work."
And this is why I doubled up the fabric and reinforced seams...