Friday, August 14, 2009

the wedding

My baby sister got married last weekend! She is the ninth kid in our family to tie the knot, so my family knows a thing or two about throwing a little party... for cheap.
We transformed the church gym with paper lanterns lit with battery-powered LEDs. The lanterns were purchased online, and we saved the packaging so they can be resold on Ebay.
For flowers, we used hydrangeas from a friend's yard. The flowers were free (but they looked expensive). We also used greenery from hostas and some wildflowers in the arrangements. About half of the tables had hydrangeas, the other tables had arrangements of lemons and limes. The fruits were ordered by the case (and after the reception we made lots of lemonade!). We used a variety of pitchers, vases, candlesticks, and bowls for all of the arrangements, so each table was unique... but the whole room looked pulled-together and cohesive. Very chic and elegant... and inexpensive.
Unfortunately, in all the hustle and bustle of the reception, I forgot to get good pictures of the table centerpieces. These are the best pictures I've got.
My brother Dan made the cake and decorated it. Delicious. And gorgeous.
The groom's family brought gorgeous leis for the bride and groom and for all of the bride's family (that's a lot of flowers!). I wore a pretty magenta lei (that June pulled apart). I loved all of the flowers on the tables and people.
Some of the food was ordered from a friend's restaurant... and he did it for his cost. Some food was prepared by family and friends. It all came together, and 200 people were fed.

Only one more Mars wedding to go... and it better be in a few years, Ben!

Monday, August 3, 2009

lemon and lime

My youngest sister is getting married this week! I am doing the centerpieces and decorations for the reception, so I have been playing with her theme lately: lemon and lime. It is such a fun theme to work with!

My mom's theme: inexpensive! So we are using seasonal flowers like hydrangeas (from our friend's garden) and Queen Anne's lace, daisies, etc. (whatever we find growing on the side of the road). We are also ordering cases of fresh lemons and limes.

The table centerpieces will be arrangements of hydrangeas and wildflowers and collections of lemons and limes in eclectic dishes. The bride wants an elegant yet whimsical feel. Quaint with a little quirk. We are using an assortment of vases and dishes... some wedding gifts that we haven't used much and other pieces from the thrift store. The colors of the lemons and limes, flowers, and dishes will unify all the tables, but each table will be unique.

Stay tuned for pictures of the wedding and reception!