Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Angry Bird pajama party!

 I like our kids to be involved with the planning of their birthday parties.  When I asked Ruby what kind of party she would like, she said, "Angry Birds pajama party!"  I did not want to do a sleepover party.  And so we had a breakfast party with friends in jammies.
The first activity was to make Angry Bird bean bags.  I had made the basic red circle bean bags in advance, and the kids just hot glued (with adult assistance) the white patch, eyes, feathers, beak, and eyebrows onto the bean bags.

Then Grandma Utah painted faces.  She is a professional.  (If you live in Utah and you are throwing a party, call her.)

 Once everyone was done making their Angry Birds, we played the game.  The kids tossed their bean bags to knock the pig balls off of the boxes.  We played several rounds.
 The green balls were from the dollar store.  I painted pig faces on them.  Each kids got to take one home.

Then we had breakfast.  How about that Angry Bird fruit platter?!
 We served bacon and eggs (pigs and birds, get it?!) and fruit with the first course.

 Then we had waffles and ice cream.  Ruby did not want a cake, so we made waffles with cake batter.  Yum.  We did put candles in her ice cream.
Ruby had her face painted like a "rainbow tiger" which became quite popular.  Most of the kids looked like colorful tigers.
Then there was a pinata.  A pig, of course.

 Pinatas scare me... actually the child swinging a stick near a bunch of other kids scares me.  But it all worked out without injury.
The kids got goody bags to put the treats into.  And they took their pig balls.  And they went home happy.