Sunday, July 25, 2010

painted backdrop

As you may have seen in my other blog, I am doing photography professionally now.  My sister-in-law Betsy showed me how to use inexpensive shower board from Lowe's to make a white background.

So I have two sheets of 4x4 shower board... but sometimes white is just so plain.  So I painted the backside of the shower board.  I used broad strokes to blend the paint and made the edges darker. 

And now I can use the white side or the painted side as a background.  And it doesn't take up any extra space!  I love how it looks out of focus (it's nice in focus too).  The colors add a nice pop to portraits.

But a word of caution... make sure to put your paints away properly!

Bath night.
(It did come off in the tub, which is a good thing because it looks like a horrible wound!)