Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When Grandma Utah was in town, she painted Ruby and June's room pink.  Bold pink.  I love it, but now I need to get new curtains for their room.  The current curtains match, but the saturated color and the busy, colorful pattern are too much.  So I am looking for a white cotton fabric with large white polka dots.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Wal-Mart had a similar type of curtain... but the fabric was cheap and it would have cost me $40 for four panels.  If I can't find what I am thinking of, I will have to figure out a way to make it. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

fun with paint

I finished a flower painting for our dining room.
And Grandma Utah painted Ruby and June's room.

Pink is an understatement.

For my Mom

I made this for my Mom.  She deserves a comfy and stylish place to prop up her feet.

I found this wonderful crewel fabric remnant at Chelsea Design House in Columbus.  I love the rich texture and jewel-toned colors.  The bird and bugs are playful, but the fabric has a very classic look.
A whole bag stuffed full of fabric samples costs $5.  For real.
The wood base came from a broken tray table we had.  $0.
The curvy brass legs came off of another footstool that had broken.  The old footstool cost about $8 from Goodwill.
The stuffing is a cheap pillow.
You may be thinking, "Wow Karyn.  You are cheap."
My Mom calls it "thrifty."
And she taught me all I know about thriftiness.

Happy Mothers Day!